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Petitions in Michigan

Have you been asked to sign a petition recently?  
Currently there are many petitions being circulated in Michigan.  These include proposals for new laws (initiative or referendum petitions), changes to the Michigan Constitution (constitutional amendment petitions), petitions to establish new political parties, or for persons who want to be candidates in upcoming elections.

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What are the differences in the petitions being circulated?
What are the differences in the petitions being circulated?
  • Initiative or Referendum Petitions
    • Propose a new law or a change to an existing law.  Voted on in the November election, if petition approved.
    • Requires 340, 047 valid signatures to appear on the ballot.  Deadline for submission: June 1, 2022
    • If approved by voters, cannot be vetoed by the governor; can be repealed or amended by another vote of the people OR by three-quarters of both the Michigan House and Senate.
    • If enough valid signatures are collected, Michigan law allows the legislature to adopt the proposal into law without a vote of the people.
    • If two proposals that are in conflict with each other both pass in November, the proposal with the most affirmative votes will be approved.

  • Constitutional Amendment Petitions
    • Propose changes to the Michigan Constitution. Voted on in the November election, if petition approved.
    • Requires 425, 059 valid signatures to appear on the ballot. Deadline for submission: July 11. 2022.
    • If approved by voters, becomes part of the Michigan Constitution 45 days after the election.
    • If two or more amendments approved by the voters at the same election are in conflict, the amendment with the highest number of affirmative votes will be adopted.

  • New Political Party Petitions
    • Proposes the establishment of a new political party.
    • Requires 42, 406 valid signatures to appear on the ballot. Deadline for submission: July 21, 2022.


  • Candidate Petitions
    • Requirements vary by the position or office.
    • Deadline for filing many candidate positions in April 19, 2022.
    • Local clerks have information for potential candidates or visit Michigan Secretary of State website.
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How can I learn more about the petitions being circulated?
How can I learn more about the petitions being circulated?

The League of Women Voters of Michigan is tracking petitions and, after study, has taken a position on most of the proposals.  Click here to view the list of proposals and the LWVMI positions: 

Bridge Michigan (a non-partisan news source) updates information on the petitions being circulated. Information includes groups supporting the petition, who is funding the petition and what supporters and opponents say about each petition. 
 Click here to view the Bridge petition tracker.

You can read the guidelines for petitions in Michigan on the Secretary of State website:
Click here for the detailed guide.

Information about candidate petitions can be found here.

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Things to consider when deciding to sign a petition or not.
Things to consider when deciding to sign a petition or not.
  • Who initiated the petition? Is it a group or individual you trust?
  • How is the information presented? Are facts and figures accurate? Exaggerated?
  • What is in the fine print? Do you have a clear understanding of the petitions specific ask?
  • Every petition will have a positive spin, but is it actually positive?
  • Sadly, petitioners can be untruthful about the outcome of the petition. Their goal is to collect signatures.
  • You can say No.
  • What are your instincts? If something doesn't feel right, don't sign it.

Promote the Vote 2022

A coalition of individuals and organizations in Michigan have begun a petition drive to ensure that we have a voting system that works for everyone.  Promote the Vote 2022 submitted a petition for an amendment to the Michigan Constitution on January 31, 2022. The petition is currently being circulated.  The League of Women Voters of Michigan is supporting this proposal.  LWV members will be circulating petitions in the Holland area. You can sign a petition to support the inclusion of Promote the Vote 2022 on the November ballot.

Promote the Vote 2022 must collect 425,049 valid signatures in order for the proposal to appear on the November election ballot. If passed by the voters, the Michigan Constitution would be amended to include the voting safeguards proposed in the petition.  Several Michigan organizations are supporting this initiative.  Read more about the initiative and organizations supporting the petition drive in the Recent Articles section below.

For more information on Promote the Vote 2022, go to Promote the Vote 2022

The League of Women Voters of Michigan is an organizational supporter of Promote the Vote 2022.
To volunteer to help with the Promote the Vote 2022 petition drive, click the link below.
Volunteer to help Promote the Vote 2022

Your Voter Toolbox

Do you have questions about voting or upcoming elections?
We can help!

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Who Can Vote?
Who Can Vote?
  • Are you a U.S. Citizen?
  • Have you been a resident of a city or township in Michigan for at least 30 days (as of Election Day)?
  • Are you at least 17 1/2 years old AND will be 18 years old by Election Day?
  • Are you NOT currently serving a sentence in jail or prison?

If you answered "Yes" to these questions, then you can  vote!

What if you are homeless?
  You can still register to vote. Use a street corner, park, shelter, or other place where you usually stay as your address. 

 Learn more about your rights as a voter: Voting Rights in Michigan

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Registering to Vote
Registering to Vote

You can register to vote online, at any Secretary of State Branch Office, or at your local city, township or county clerk's office. 

To register online, go to
Michigan Voter Information Center - register online
The deadline for registering online is 15 days before the election.

To find your local clerk's office, go to:
Ottawa County Clerks Information
Allegan County Clerks Information
You can register at the clerk's office up until 8pm on Election Day at the clerk's office. They are also open some weekends before the election. Check with your local clerk for dates and hours.

To find a Michigan Secretary of State Branch Office, go to:
Michigan Secy of State Branch Office Locator

What will you need to register to vote?
You will need proof that you are eligible to vote.(Proof of Michigan residency, U.S. citizenship, your birthdate, and that you are not serving a sentence in jail or prison).
You will also need proof of where you live. (Driver's license or Michigan ID, current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, or other government document.)

We have more information about voter registration on our voter registration page: Voter Registration 

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Voting Before Election Day
Voting Before Election Day
You can vote before Election Day  using an  Absentee Ballot. All registered voters in Michigan are now able to vote using an absentee ballot - you don't need a reason or excuse.

To request an absentee ballot online go to:
Apply for an Absentee Ballot Online

You can also go to your local clerk's office to request an absentee ballot. Find your local clerk's office:
Allegan County Clerks Information
Ottawa County Clerks Information

Be sure to return your absentee ballot to your local clerk's office no later than 8PM on Election Day. You can mail it to your clerk's office OR drop it off in the drop box at the clerk's office. BE SURE that you return your ballot to YOUR CLERK'S office. 
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Voting On Election Day
Voting On Election Day
Do you know where to vote on Election Day?  It will depend on where you live.
Go here to: Find out where YOU vote 

The polls are open from 7am until 8pm on Election Day. If you are in line at 8pm, you have the right to vote.
You can see a sample of your ballot before you vote, so that you are prepared. 
To find the ballot that you will be voting on, go here:   Find a sample of your ballot

What if you need help? 
You have the right to assistance from election officials.  For example, you can ask for instructions on how to use the voting equipment. 

Do you need a photo ID to vote?
You will be asked for a photo ID when you go to vote.  If you do not have a photo ID or do not have it with you, you can sign a form and then vote.
Examples of photo ID (a document with your name and picture) include:
A driver's license from any state, high school or college ID, passport, military or government issued ID, Tribal ID card.  Electronic or paper copies will work.

What if you make a mistake on your ballot or the voting machine doesn't work correctly?
Ask for a new ballot right away. You have a right to a new ballot if you catch the mistake before your ballot is inserted into the tabulating machine and counted.  If the scanner rejects your ballot, ask for a new one. You have the right to start over.

What if someone tries to harass or intimidate you or challenges your right to vote?
Tell a poll worker immediately.  If the poll worker is the problem, contact your local clerk. 
If you are still having a problem, call a nonpartisan hotline for help.
Election Protection Hotline: 1-866-687-8683

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Election Security
Election Security
Michigan's elections have been safe and secure. 
Local clerks and election workers have worked tirelessly to assure the security and accuracy of our elections.
Ottawa County's clerk, Justin Roebuck, has provided a detailed explanation of how your vote is secured before, during and after election day.:  Securing your Vote
Here are some of the steps that the state of Michigan has taken:  Election Security in Michigan 
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Upcoming Elections
Upcoming Elections
On Tuesday, August 2, 2022 the Primary Election will be held.

On Tuesday, November 8, 2022 the General Election will be held.

New legislative districts were drawn and will be in effect for the 2022 elections. Learn more about who the candidates are for your district by going to VOTE411
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More Questions?
More Questions?
Do you have other questions?  Here are some resources to help:


Michigan Voter Information Center League of Women Voters Michigan

Opportunities to Listen and Learn 

Making Democracy Work: Tools for Finding the Facts.
Sponsored by the LWV of Diablo Valley, LWV of West Contra Costa County, Contra Costa County Library, and CCTV (CA.) There are so many news/social media outlets filling our air waves with information every day, it’s hard to keep up. When casting a ballot, it’s important for voters to have thetools they need to make their decisionsbased onfacts. Featuring an expert panel to help sort it out: Joel Breakstone, Stanford History Education Group; Tommy Gong, Contra Costa Deputy County Clerk; and Erik Berman, Alameda County Library, Coordinator of Services for Young Adults; moderated by Susan Hildreth, librarian, educator and administrator. 
Thursday, May 19, 2022  7:00PM  (EDT)  Click here to register. 

Civic Language Perceptions Project.
Sponsored by Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement(PACE.) Seeks to understand people’s perceptions of the language associated with civic engagement and democracy work. PACE conducted a survey of 5,000 people nationally. These ‘deep dives’ into the data will focus on various elements over the next months. This ‘deep dive’ topic is Race
Thursday, May 26, 2022  3:00PM  (EDT)Click here to register.    

Civic Language Perceptions Project 
Sponsored byPhilanthropy for Active Civic Engagement (PACE.) Seeks to understand people’s perceptions of the language associated with civic engagement and democracy work. PACE conducted a survey of 5,000 people nationally. These ‘deep dives’ into the data will focus on various elements over the next months.  This ‘deep dive’ topic is Gender.
Wednesday, June 15, 2022  3:00PM  (EDT)Click here to register.   

Braver Angels.  Building a House United. 
Bringing Americans together to bridge the partisan divide and strengthen our democratic republic. 
Learn more
 Braver Angels 

Civic Genius.
America needs a stronger civic culture because democracy only works when we
do… less division, more action. Providing an easily-digestive foundation of knowledge on key issues, which are explained in conversational, sometimes humorous terms. Learn mor
Our Civic Genius

informing voters

Attention, High School Seniors!

Are you 17 1/2 years old?

If so, you can register to vote and when you turn 18 you will be able to vote.
Visit our Voter Registration page to learn more.
The November 2nd election is coming up soon!


Rock the Vote


Promote the Vote

Recent Articles
Recent Articles

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Redistricting in Michigan

Every 10 years, after the U.S. census is completed, new political lines are drawn for federal, state, county and some local districts. The League of Women Voters of Michigan was instrumental in passing a constitutional amendment in 2018 that requires redistricting to be completed by an independent commission instead of the political party in power.

Michigan’s Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (MICRC) was formed to fulfill the mandate of this constitutional amendment.  The Commission is composed of 13 Michigan residents who were randomly selected from applicants and is balanced for partisan and non-partisan representation.

The mission of the MICRC is to lead Michigan's redistricting process to assure Michigan's Congressional, State Senate, and State House district lines are drawn fairly in a citizen-led, transparent process, meeting Constitutional mandatesIts vision is to chart a positive course for elections based on fair maps for Michigan today and for the future.

The MICRC recently approved new maps. Below are the maps for legislative districts in our area.  For more information or to view maps of the entire state, click the link below 
MICRC Final Maps

Map of US Congressional Districts

Map of Michigan State Senate Districts

Map of Michigan House of Representatives Districts

Defending Democracy

is important now more than ever. Explore these resources to learn more, share more, and do more. 


Read more about congressional redistricting and how it impacts our community at People Powered Fair Maps 
Follow LWV's blog on redistricting: 
Click here

Study Current legislation being proposed related to voting rights . What is being proposed? .Status of Voter Suppression Bills in Michigan 
League of Women Voters of Michigan's position on the legislation: 

Press Release: Anti Voting Bills 

the programs offered through the 
National Institute for Civil Discourse, a non-partisan organization formed by the community of Tucson, AZ after a mass shooting, believing that "Engaging in conversations across the divide opens doors to finding common ground and moves our country toward a more perfect union".

Making Democracy Work

On January 19, 2022, the League of Women Voters Holland Area presented information about Voting Rights, Voting Bills and Initiatives at the Herrick Public Library.   
A video of the presentation is available on our YouTube Channel: 



MDW presentation 1.19.22

Because Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport

The League of Women Voters, a non-partisan political organization,
encourages informed and active participation in government, 
works to increase understanding of major policy issues,
and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

The League never supports or opposes candidates, 
but we do take positions on issues that we have studies
and come to consensus on at a local, state and national level.

Empowering Voters.
Defending Democracy.

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